This is the software I use to make my blog.


  1. Download and unzip it into the folder where you want your blog.
  2. Open the template/config.php file and edit it to your liking (do not forget the trailing slash in your URL).

  3. Give write permissions to PHP on the main and article/ folders :
  4. sudo chgrp www-data . article

  5. Rename the renameme folder to something else (this is the password to edit your blog).
  6. Access that folder in a web browser.

Your first article

When writing articles, put the title on the first line, leave the second line empty and start writing from the third line.

Your first article will create the various HTML files.

After an article is written, it is possible to edit it.

If you want to regenerate all HTML files, click the "Regen" button.